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Our Story...

As long time Apple Authorized Service providers and POS consultants - we understood firsthand how frustrating it was to not have a full featured POS solution that also tied into Apple’s GSX repair system and to properly manage inventory.  And as a longtime Lightspeed Onsite consultants and users ourselves, we have intimate knowledge of the needs and desires of all types of businesses and what is missing from current cloud based solutions.  


As Apple tech gurus, we have been building custom database solutions for over 3 decades for all sorts of companies large and small.  A decade ago, when we opened our own private Apple computer store we decided to save lots of time and money by using Lightspeed Onsite instead of building our own POS system.  Lightspeed Onsite was a well thought out and well designed system that worked for many types of business not just retail.  


When Lightspeed decided to leave us high and dry by pulling the plug on Onsite and moved to the cloud with the purchase of a bicycle repair shop solution instead of creating something similar to Onsite in the cloud from scratch - they greatly disappointed thousands of business owners and their employees!  And we were one of those disappointed users!


Our Lightspeed customers and our employees all missed the normal application environment, the nice workflow and the ability to have multiple windows open at the same time and not to mention lots of the handy POS features that their cloud product lacks.  So, as any group of nerdy folks would do, we decided to create a Lightspeed Onsite replacement and recreated all the stuff we loved about Onsite and improved upon what was not great and that’s how CheckIn POS was born.


As a boutique software company, we offer personal service and complete system customizations that Lightspeed and others can’t dream of offering and therefore making your business even more efficient.  


So, if your business is relying on end of life software such as LightSpeed Onsite or are not happy with your cloud POS, please give CheckIn a try.  We have many happy customers in the US, Canada, Australia and we are sure we can make you happy and productive as well…

"At CheckIn, we're building a new kind of application, one which puts it's customer needs at its center and grows with them
every step of the way!"

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