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Balanced, Dedicated & flexible

That's what we are all about!

Balanced, Dedicated and Flexible

These are words that define CheckIn.  Our goal was to strike the balance between having too many and not enough features and to offer a familiarity to those of us leaving LightSpeed® Onsite.  CheckIn is dedicated solely to the AASP channel and not trying to be everything for every type of business.  With a steady stream of no cost upgrades to improve your business and along with options to customize it to your hearts content, Why not make CheckIn the last POS system you will ever need!

We definitely like you guys way better than Lightspeed. Thanks for the quick support work, We really appreciate it. 

- Dylan M.  Compudoc

Build for AASPs by AASP

CheckIn offers full POS capabilities in an environment that provides Quotes, Orders and POs. Being a local server based solution, you get the speed and flexibility the cloud is not able to offer!

  √  Quickly look up and add customers

  √  Capture payments quickly and securely

  √  Serial number tracking,


√    Related products & Product bundling


  √  Full Inventory management (can use the iPhone        app for inventory management)


  √  Full CheckIn™ features available on iPad


  √  Ingram API for part/pricing lookups & ordering          right from POs. (Can even choose the warehouse for         every product to ship from)

Checkin POS iPad SRO view
Checkin POS iPhone app

(iPhone App Image)

GSX Now and Forever

Checkin POS GSX Repair Info Parts Window

Why consider a POS solution that does not really care about our channel’s needs and just looking for a few extra customer?   After they realize the difficulty in maintaining GSX, they will surely decide to stop supporting Apple APIs all together and leaving us hanging high and dry as Lightspeed did, it’s inevitable!

  √  3X faster than LightSpeed On-Site

  √  Submit, Update & Close out GSX Repairs (even                    update KBB/KGB numbers)

  √  Find my device status.  Parts shipped tracking

  √  Automatic Apple service parts price updates                     with every part lookup


  √  Automatically email or text customers when                     repair status is updated


  √  Apple Scheduler Manager Built into CheckIn 

Living without GSX integration was a real pain until CheckIn.  Not only are we saving tons of time from having to visit GSX constantly,  but with all the productivity gains, our service revenues have increased quite a bit.

- Brian P.  DoctorMac

Includes Subscription Management & Apple Scheduler At No Extra Charge

At CheckIn it’s not streams of computer programming we’re offering customers, but a community to help transform you and your business! 

Schedule a Demo Today and Check Out CheckIn

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