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Hardware for CheckIn  POS

Save Money & Roll Your Own Hardware

No need for us to sell you any hardware!

Coming from LightSpeed, you own most of it already , if not, just visit Ingram's web site and buy your own at cost...


Label Printer

CheckIn supports Zebra ZD410 (Ingram SKU: 6PC642) for product and SRO labels.


Cash Drawer

CheckIn works with the Vasario 

APG VB320 or basically any cash drawer that connects to the compatible Star receipt printer.

Zebra DS2208 Scanner.jpg

USB Barcode Scanner

Use your Apple service scanner or any scanner you like. Or the Zebra DS2200 Series (Ingram SKU: 8A5333)

Brother Laser small.png

Double Sided Laser Printer

For the most professional looking documents we highly recommend using a double sided 8.5 x 11"laser printer.  Any brand will be fine but we like the HLL2370DW series by Brother, they are compact & come with ethernet and WiFi.


Thermal Receipt Printer

Your existing Star TSP-100 or ST-100 or 1xxx series will work in case you don't print invoices on 8.5 x 11"


Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

The Zebra CS4070 scanner is certified by Apple and integrates seamlessly with the iPad.

Ingram SKU: VS3685

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