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Your Lightspeed Alternative is Here

We've heard it time and again from folks  "I hate Lightspeed Retail"

The nice thing about Lightspeed Onsite was:

  • Had a nice user interface that was very intuitive.

  • Had a nice workflow:  Quote to Order to Invoice and did a good job tracking serial #'s.

  • Was not in the cloud and therefore:

    • ​Had the ability to have multiple windows open at the same time.

    • Able to backup and control your own data.

    • Lived on your own server and worked even if internet was down or slow.

Don't get us wrong, working in the cloud does have its benefits but not when it comes to certain types of POS systems.  CheckIn was built to give us and our customers an alternative to Lightspeed Onsite that maintains most of what we liked about it.

The other nice thing about CheckIn is that we truly listen to our customers when they have feature requests. And, we also offer customization options in case you want to connect to your vendors via their APIs or make some serious custom changes that will give you what you want without spending millions of dollars!

* (As you will see on our site, most of what we talk about is geared towards private Apple services centers who like us, used Lightspeed  to interface with Apple, Inc. and miss being on Lightspeed like we did.  There was nothing out there for us that hit all the right cords, so, as Apple nerds, we built CheckIn.  Since CheckIn is a true POS system with build in credit card processing and inventory control you can finally move away from Lightspeed Retail (cloud) and back to somethings that will make you feel at home and much more productive!)

Schedule a Demo Today and Check Out CheckIn

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